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This is a private, voluntarily developed homepage with the core strategy to make paragliding on La Palma more secure.

Even if I do check the information as well as am trying to be up to date, I have to mention, that all information is given without any warranty of correctness. It is your own responsibility to verify all information. Paragliding has risks. All Pilots are flying on their own responsibility. It is the pilots own responsibility to align the given information with the actual situation before starting. And only take off, if enough security reserve is available for this flight.

Please note, there may be different legal requirements in the country you live. Some information in this homepage may therefore not be valid for you. It is your own responsibility to stick to all legal requirements. Therefore you shall not claim any responsibility to in whatsoever.
Please also note, legal requirements in Spain for paragliding are: In Spain valid third liability insurance, wearing helmet as well as having an emergency parachute.

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The information in this page have been carefully selectet. However, the owner of this page is not liable for any of its content nor fot the content itself or for its acuallity and correctness.

All the given information can be changed at any time without prior announcement. This is also valid for links.

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